Thursday, February 4, 2010

Entertaining the Possibility

The Possible's slow fuse is lit
By the Imagination.
--Emily Dickinson

I'm having lunch today with a man in his 90s. He directed several plays in town over the past few years. The only other thing I know about him is that he has a courtly email style. I wrote to him recently to tell him about my musical play A New Wrinkle. "I cannot let this bold query go unanswered!" he replied. That was a good beginning, and I am looking forward to meeting him.

I am meeting many new people these days. On February 15th, composer Laura Rich and I will do the first run-through of songs in the play with the help of 4 singers and a pianist--I haven't met any of them. I put a call out for singers via two local choirs, and people responded. One thing I have found moving lately (I have a long list) is how enthused some people are about helping with A New Wrinkle, even though they know virtually nothing about it.

It's encouraging to be met with enthusiasm and support. I put out two fundraising appeals via my email list and through Elderwomanspace, an Internet community I belong to, and donations have been arriving in my Sage's Play post office box. Sometimes people tell me they admire me or thank me for asking for what I want or need. They send little love notes and messages of support. It's pretty darn wonderful. It warms me up and provides some funding to move forward. I have to look at writing grants soon, too.

I posted the image of the beautiful flowering meadow here because it nourishes me on this early February morning. Ahh, the green, the flowers, the warm, warm sun. I am not planning any outer travel at the moment, so this meadow is an imagination vacation.

Lately, I've had many opportunities to reflect about how what we believe possible is conditioned or limited by our perception and belief. Like when the big ship arrived and the indigenous inhabitants of that place simply did not see it because that ship was outside of their idea of what was possible. Which brought me back last week to "It's nothing that a month in Greece wouldn't cure" a statement often repeated during my second marriage.

When the thought came back to me again, I had to laugh. I'm not saying that I have to go to Greece for a month just because I thought of it, but I am saying it is possible.
It is possible I will go to Greece for a month. That makes me grin.

I am looking for any other big ships that have sailed into the harbor without me seeing them, and checking into the possibilities they hold. Last thing this morning--an appreciative thank you to all the helpful people and allies who have been appearing and who will appear. I welcome your presence and activity in my life.

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