Friday, April 19, 2013

Springing Forward with "Your Audacious Aging Kit"

This is the cover of the booklet that comes with the kit
 It seemed to me that it would be fun--and useful, too--to develop a kit of upbeat pro-aging accessories. Now, finally, I am ready to produce the premier run of


The kit will contain this booklet, whose cover is shown here, three buttons as shown on the booklet cover and a magnet that says

"Youth is a gift of Nature 
but Age is a work of Art."

We are bombarded with negative and dismissive messages about aging and older adults, so there is plenty of room for a fun pro-aging kit.

It makes a perfect gift for anyone over 50, in place of those dreadful "over the hill" type messages.  Not long from now, I will put something up on the Sage's Play website about these kits and how to purchase them.

The kits get assembled in the Kuan Yin Inn, the studio behind my house. The woman who owned the house before me transformed a shed to a pleasant studio, and she is the one who gave it the name Kuan Yin Inn, which I love. It's a great place to hang out, gab and put the kits together.

The button making machine is sitting there at the ready for our next session.

"Your Audacious Aging Kit" will make a wonderful addition to creative aging and pro-aging classes, conferences and fairs.

I am still in the planning stages in terms of how to market the kit, so if any of you trusty readers have ideas, please do let me know.

I plan to develop discount pricing for organizations.

It will be such fun to see how these move out into the world, creating positive resonance and helping to shift our perceptions and beliefs about aging and older people.
Meanwhile, the glorious display of tulips has peaked in my front garden. These are some of the flowers that are still in bloom there.

I am expecting delivery of 3 yards of compost in a couple of days. I get excited about compost and about enriching the soil. Is it because I have 6 planets in Taurus? Hmmm....

Whatever the reasons, I get tremendous pleasure from creating a nourishing earthly environment.

I didn't really discover that until I was in my 30s, but I've been devoted to it ever since.

The peonies and poppies will bloom next. Every morning, I head out into the back garden to look at how things are growing.

The vigorous cardoon
I have some planter boxes that my daughter built, and then there is this wonderful section further back in the yard with three beds. Here is one of the cardoon plants --big, silver beauties--that are growing there. I've got kale, chard, mustard greens, radishes,  beets, arugula, and I'm waiting for the corn and a few other things to sprout.

I planted two kiwi vines this year. I love seeing each plant's daily growth and changes. The vital force of Nature is inspiring, no matter what outer events are occurring in the world.

This month, I've been posting a poem or quote about poetry each day on Facebook to celebrate National Poetry Month. Here's what I posted this morning.

"A true poem can create a divine stillness in the world."
--Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I enjoy communicating on Facebook, so you can connect with me there if it is something you enjoy.

Wishing you all a rejuvenating, beautiful spring season.