Sunday, February 21, 2010

P.S. More on Well-Aged Singers

The New York Times is on a roll. Just a couple of days after its feature on the latest musical doings of Yoko Ono, 77, the Times ran in its Sunday edition a feature on Judy Collins, 70. Nice article, and worth reading for a picture of a performer with a 40-year career who still maintains a rigorous performance schedule, packs her own healthy food along the way, likes to listen in on church choirs and goes to movies in NYC with her husband.

Of course there's Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton and the chaps in the Rolling Stones. All of them are just whippersnappers compared to the really old masters like B.B. King, a 14-time Grammy winner now 85. He's got a road trip scheduled this year of 20 appearances starting in April and ending in November. I never get tired of listening to and experiencing performances by B.B. King. Here's a clip of him singing "Three O'Clock in the Morning." Enjoy.

I will be covering more well-aged artists in different fields along the way here in Sage's Play. Poets, writers, painters, dancers, actors and more. So stay tuned.

I'm about to create a few You Tube clips that talk about the development of my musical play A New Wrinkle and feature some excerpts and songs from the play. It's another new learning experience, this time with a little Flip Cam and some friends. Will let you know when these are ready for viewing.

That's it for this beautiful Sunday. Wishing you a wonderful creative and happy time doing whatever it is you have in mind for the day.

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