Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Moon gifts

Freedom, the freedom of an Andalusian horse

Openness-- every moment new

The joy of running freely across a meadow, on sand at the edge of the sea

Being in the body fully and happily

Power, an experience of wholeness, integration, pleasure


Welcoming magic!

Setting sail on new journeys
and partaking of adventures in new landscapes seen with new eyes


Breaking up old structures with no effort

Transformation--going deeper
being more real

Living in the midst of the energy, radiance and mystery of this world with a sacred perspective

Deep stillness

The pleasure of solitude
Spiritual deepening

Playing and playfulness
Being with others in joy and discovery
Dancing, singing, laughing
Spontaneous connection through the heart 

These are the gifts I am giving to myself at this new moon. I am sending good wishes to you that you receive the gifts your heart desires, too. 

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