Sunday, June 16, 2013

Celebrating Songs of the Inner Life

My new book Songs of the Inner Life is now available at, and will soon be out in Kindle format, too. 

It feels very good to be sending this book out into the world. I am glad that I accomplished this part of my creative aging/follow your bliss/do what makes you happy/share your gifts work. 

Now I have developed the Audacious Aging Kit and published the book. Next, it's finishing the musical revue A New Wrinkle and getting it produced and promoted.

There is plenty of reason to celebrate! I plan to start what will probably be a stream of celebrating with a reading and book signing in Ashland on June 28th. Other gatherings to share passages from the book will happen later this summer and fall.  

I really look forward to these--they will certainly be fun, instructive and who knows what-all else. It is a new adventure. 

I have received some emails from folks who tell me that I inspire them. How wonderful! If I do, I am glad. One woman wrote to say that I encourage her to continue to grow and develop. That makes me very happy. I want to inspire people and to encourage them to live into their dreams and share their gifts.

On another note, I have no marketing plan for Songs of the Inner Life. Should I be confessing this?  Isn't a solid marketing and promotional plan an essential aspect of sharing a book? Maybe, maybe not. For many reasons, I have not invested time and energy in developing one.

What was it like in the past, before the extreme promo buzz habits of today? Books went out into the culture through the author's activities and by word of mouth among readers, plus some newspaper coverage. That's the way it will be with Songs of the Inner Life with a splash of Facebook and LinkedIn thrown into the mix. 

Of course, a book wants readers! I invite you to read about the book on and if it strikes a chord in you, buy a copy, read it and spread the word about its stories and messages. 

Funny Business 

Have you ever connected with humorist Jeanne Robertson?  The link here will take you to her YouTube videos. She is in her 60s and had a successful career as a corporate speaker before she began to create herself anew as a humorist. I like many of her talks, including the one about not bungee jumping naked. See if they get you laughing. I often find myself laughing out loud when I watch her routines.  

Links I Like

Two groups I follow on Facebook are EngAGE and Growing Bolder. Both post many interesting  stories and profiles of outstanding elders. If you use FB, you may find you like following the news they share, too.

Ciao for now, with wishes that your summer be a delightful experience. I always love hearing from you via email, FB or comments on the blog. Thanks for keeping in touch and take good care of yourself.

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