Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Artist's Life: Little Playmates and Current Projects

My friends the horse, frog and monkey

The red fairy Sophia painted long ago
The tiny elderwoman Helen made, with Betsy's mandala nearby

I am in the midst of several substantial projects.

I am preparing to publish Songs of the Inner Life, "first in a series of short memoirs." To that end, I sent the manuscript out to a group of people, asking for them to provide reader comments that I can use for publicity. I also talked with designer Robert Frost about creating a cover design for the book. I should have that to share soon.

I am preparing for a talk, an OLLI class and I'm updating my website with information about solo performances, speaking and workshops.

I'm working on two final songs for our musical revue on aging, and then will review the script with our script consultant Carolyn Myers.

So in the midst of these creative endeavors, I took time to visit with my little playmates, who live in my house with me.

They may seem as if they are just sitting there on the shelf, wall or counter, but there's more to it than that.

The monkey reminds me to play and swing freely in the midst of everything I am developing. The frog tells me to persevere --he assures me that my work will add up and bring positive, fertile results.

The horse brings the thought of adventure, a painted gypsy wagon, summers in the meadow, running unbridled.

These particular little playmates have other things they share too, depending on the day.

The red fairy has been with me since my daughter Sophia painted it in Grade II of Waldorf School. The red fairy reminds me of the beauty, magic and innocence of real aliveness.

I feel quite happy when I gaze at her amidst the big red flowers and green grass.  

I have a lovely little elder woman with braids in my kitchen. She carries a basket and has fetching green shoes and old-fashioned country clothing.

I got her from Helen Jucevic, who makes Kinder Dolls in the Waldorf style.                          
In the background is Betsy Lewis' mandala titled Grief. When Betsy gave it to me, I couldn't resist asking her why she was giving me grief.

You can see more of Betsy's work at the link above. I recommend taking a look.

I have other little playmates, too, like the chap here on his ox, with his flute in hand. He doesn't talk much, being a rather quiet fellow, but he does play the flute very beautifully.

I'm sure I am not the only person in the universe who has an affectionate relationship with small beings who live nearby. Do you?

Well it's out for a walk for me, before I head into two exciting meetings. At least I imagine that they will be exciting.

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