Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recent Items that Caught My Attention


AP reported today:

"HAVANA (AP) — American Diana Nyad endured several jellyfish stings as the 62-year-old endurance athlete sought to become the first person to swim unaided from Cuba to Florida without a wetsuit or a shark cage."

I admire older athletes and love witnessing their beautiful efforts and experiences. It's inspiring.

Heart Songs and Happy Music

Recently, I enjoyed spending a day in a workshop with singer/songwriter Laurence Cole, an elder who lives in Port Townsend,  WA. A group of about 25 people gathered to take part in it. Spending a day singing positive music together is my idea of a very good time.  It relaxes the body and mind, and connects us easily and happily.

Laurence's original songs are beautiful and uplifting. I highly recommend his work if you want to sponsor an event  that is heart-centered and regenerative. You can learn more about his music and work here.

Movies: Octagenarian Agnes Varda's Film Memoir

I was at Video Explorer the other day. That place is my favorite and in fact only local venue for finding good flicks, thanks to the quirky, knowledgeable proprietor. He recommended The Beaches of Agnes, a film made by New Wave filmmaker Agnes Varda when she was 81. "She just keeps creating and creating. It's wonderful," he told me.

The film is a meandering, whimsical, journey into an artist's creative process and is simultaneously an exploration of a long and successful artistic career. Be ready to slow down and relax into it.  I am glad I watched it for several reasons. She does just keep creating and creating as my friend at Video Explorer said. She shares her career, family, loves and losses. She does it all with a lovely aplomb and aliveness.

This article gives a longer review of the film.

Or you can watch a clip here.

Reflecting on Death--A New Film from The Institute for Noetic Sciences and Deepak Chopra

I liked this clip on a new film being developed by the above-mentioned folks.  Death is an even bigger taboo than aging in our society, and it's great when attention is focused on the topic in a positive way.

Happy Sunday to you! Here, the valley air has cleared after days of smoke from nearby fires. And the three digit temperature has dropped, too. Marvelous!

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  1. Glad your sky and air is free of smoke and pollution. The links you provide sound interesting -- will have to check them out when I have more time.