Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to Casa des Flores, Where My Newsletter is my Blog Today

I just finished my April Sage's Play newsletter which spotlights playfulness and healing and gives an update on what's going on with A New Wrinkle. I hope you will take a look at it. It is a creative adventure to put together each month. You can subscribe to the monthly news at

It's Monday morning and I am waking from a collection of vivid dreams--I was sharing a photo album of many journeys with someone and the pictures sometimes came alive. There were images of a beautiful white horse running during a journey to mystical temples --and in another dream sequence, several of us were preparing to go to a play and in order to do so, a lot of climbing up venerable old buildings and in through high windows seemed to be required--illogical and puzzling, but it seemed it had to be done to get to the theater for the show. Sometimes dreams are an awful lot of work and we don't always know what work it is when we wake up. At least not right away.

I have an ACN (Artist Conference Network) coaching session in a couple of hours. I told you that I recently re-joined ACN, didn't I? My current ACN vision is I AM THE VOICE OF THE OLD ONES. The vision and goals one creates --and also the stands one takes in each weekly coaching session are helpful tools for moving forward with confidence and inspiration.

My 3 month goal is to write and produce a 5 minute fundraising video for A New Wrinkle and post it on IndieGoGo. My year goal is to produce a fully staged version of A New Wrinkle.

ACN is a community that helps artists develop breakthroughs in creative focus and momentum. It is also very tender to share each other's artistic life in a supportive, nonjudgemental way. Tomorrow afternoon our ACN group meets at my casa. That will be fun. There are chapters of ACN in various parts of the country. More information available on the website.

I was interviewed the other day by Rebecca Black from the National Center for Creative Aging and her article will appear on their blog and website. I'll post the link when it is available. I used to do a lot of interviewing myself when I was a journalist in NYC and the SF Bay area, and it was enjoyable to experience being the interviewee this time.

I'm having dinner with my dear friend Frannie tonight. She went back to school to get a Master's. She had already been a hospice nurse for 20 years. Now she's teaching nursing at Southern Oregon University and finishing her Master's at the same time. It's rare that she has time for dinner, and I'm looking forward to it.

I have another friend who dropped a successful career as a clothing distributor to become a successful energy worker. I'll write more about Melani and her work sometime soon. Both of these women are great examples of following one's bliss. Hope you and your bliss are having a nice dance together. This time of life gives us the freedom for new explorations and deeper understanding.

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